Burning Man Ultra Marathon

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Black Rock City, Black Rock, Nevada • Black Rock City, Nevada, Argentina
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The FIFTH Burning Man Ultramarathon.

Black Rock City
Wednesday, August 27th, 5 a.m.

Burners and ultrarunners of all types!

Because it?s fun. Because it?s insane. Because it?s the ultimate high. Because you want to challenge yourself. Because we are working on really rad finishers? presents! Because the race is a party!

What else
Pink Lightning (7&D) will be the race headquarters, start, finish, and aid station. Stop by to view the big map, results, ask questions, or just hang out with some friendly folks. During the race, we?ll have cocktails, fun, music, and lots of cheering. Have your friends come to the healthiest party on the playa! Come on by to volunteer, hang out, pace, or run!

This is Burning Man! A wonderful gift economy ? no money is exchanged! Most ultras and marathons where we live have $50-200 race entry fees (and they?re not THIS fun!) As you might guess, putting on a race like this isn?t necessarily ?free??.we put lots of time, energy and resources into our passion (running!). If you want to contribute to help offset the costs (i.e. race clock, race numbers, storage unit in Reno, course measurement tools, safety pins, food, water, other supplies & expenses), feel free to donate to the cause via PayPal here: Thank you?we are so grateful for you and our amazing community of Burner Runners! :)

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